As the next development to watch out for in Binan, Laguna – My Cube as in other condormitels around the metro will provide the best facilities and amenities for students, professionals and start-up families.

The condormitel will have a spacious, wide lobby, which is the Main Lobby to welcome visitors and guests. Note that management ensures safety and protection of all the residents so a Lobby Screening for each guest or visitor is strictly being implemented.

This development also has a function room where the capacity is at a maximum of 60 persons. As a professional, if you need a place to meet with your team – then you can do so within the confines of your own home. Or students who need to meet-up for big group projects, then this place is recommended so you can focus on the tasks you need to do and complete. Celebrate life’s milestones like birthdays, graduations and work promotions here so it will not be too costly. This function room is pretty much essential to the residents so having this, as one of their amenities is an advantage.

Students would need this and Dataland Inc.’s management already thought of this beforehand. A Study Hall is part of My Cube’s amenities for obvious reasons. Since target market here is mostly students - they can look forward to use this study hall with so much excitement. Students will be able to focus on studying their lessons for exams and doing their daily assignments here. The Study Hall is one place conducive enough for learning. The lovely furnishings add to the ambiance so students expectedly will come and flock here. Plus, free WIFI is available in the same way as it is in the Function Room and Main Lobby.

As we know, “all work and no play makes one a dull boy.” The students, professionals and young families need time to recharge, relax and de-stress. Weekdays are grueling with work and school pressures, thus, a modern fitness gym is on hand for all the workouts they need to do in-between their tight schedules. So, run, walk, bend, hop, flex, stretch, swing, curl, bend and crunch all those muscles and tired bodies as you do your daily work-outs and exercises. After all, exercise is a surefire way to beat all those school and work blues away. No more club memberships or going to the malls since it is handy – right at your own home as part of your amenities.

Take heart, nature enthusiasts. Imagine a linear garden where you can see all the greens, the plants and colorful blooms all around. Yes, this refreshing sight on your building is a welcome change to the many concrete structures around you. So, bask in nature and appreciate life’s many blessings including the beautiful garden in your midst.

Retail and business spaces will also be leased out (about 4 units) so that My Cube will have its own food court, a coffee shop and a laundry shop. So, with all the basic necessities, especially food that all are within your home, no need to step out of the building, making it convenient for all. How cool is this?

  • Main Lobby
  • Function Room
  • Fitness Gym
  • Study Hall
  • Linear Garden
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